This is the main documentation hub for the RoboLab courses that are conducted by the Systems Engineering Group at the Department of Computer Science, TU Dresden. During the labs you are required to create Python programs for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robots in order to solve several tasks. These so-called “bricks” are running a customized version of the Debian based operating system ev3dev-robolab.


Which part of the RoboLab Documentation are you looking for?

  • Spring Course
    Information on the RoboLab for all Computer Science, Information Systems Engineering and Physics students during the semester break in spring.
  • Autumn Course
    Information on the RoboLab for NES and DSE students starting in autumn and continuing throughout the winter term.
  • Hardware
    General information on your equipment, the EV3 brick, motors and sensors. Including lots of explanatory Python snippets.
  • Operating System
    Instructions to get your personal copy of our custom OS up and running on the brick. Also, more information on network settings as well as on how to use a Linux shell, and some of its powerful tools like ssh, tmux and more.
  • Development Environment
    Manual for setting up your IDE to run code on the brick. Also, information on Git and other development related stuff.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    A collection of useful information for solving common bugs and problems. Also has information about the spring course Wi-Fi.
  • Bot Gallery