Autumn Course

Welcome to the RoboLab Autumn Course!

This lab for DSE and NES master students is offered every year in the winter semester and is done partially in small groups. Problems in the field of computer science will be solved by using practical programming tasks. The students will gain skills in programming and first experiences in project and team work. After a brief introduction, the students then have time until the end of the year to solve a given task independently. Tutors will provide consultations and help the students.

There are two RoboLab courses!
This course is offered for DSE and NSE students only.

Module: M1200-50040 Lab Sessions (NES)
Module: M1106-DSE18-2020 Robolab Sessions (DSE)


  • The schedule for the upcoming winter term is available now.

  • Please create an account at our Gitlab instance

    • Use your TU-Dresden login for the Gitlab registration!

May 25, 2022

  • Important: Period for exam enrol has changed, it is the same now with the official TUD period (20.06.-10.07.2022).

April 04, 2022

  • Updated schedule for summer term 2022

    • Enrolment in SELMA will be enabled during this week

Slides in order of topics

December 22, 2021

  • I’ve uploaded a small set of bar-code examples for you.

    • When printing, please make sure to disable zoom/fit-to-page or similar settings.

    • For paper-feeding robots, please cut the cards (as it will be during the exam/demonstration).

About the exam

  • 1 hour per group planned

  • Two parts: First select two out of four small programms, then process the multi-page program

  • Questions:

    • Am I allowed two adjust page/robot position …​ to help the processing? - YES

    • Can I adjust color/speed values before the exam? - YES

    • My robot expects manual input, e.g. number of lines. - Not permitted, use auto-detection and given constraints

    • For multi-page, can I use a button after placing the next page? - YES

    • On error, e.g. uncorrectable codes, should I continue…​ ? - No, every error (after double-checking) aborts the program

    • I’ve changed code parts from the template, will this effect my grade? - Worst case: YES (e.g. my tests are failing)