Autumn Course

Welcome to the RoboLab Autumn Course!

This lab for DSE and NES master students is offered every year in the winter semester and is done partially in small groups. Problems in the field of computer science will be solved by using practical programming tasks. The students will gain skills in programming and first experiences in project and team work. After a brief introduction, the students then have time until the end of the year to solve a given task independently. Tutors will provide consultations and help the students.


There are two RoboLab courses!
This course is offered for DSE and NSE students only.

Module: M1200-50040 Lab Sessions (NES)
Module: M1106-DSE18-2020 RoboLab Sessions (DSE)


  • Please create an account at our Gitlab instance
    • Use your TU-Dresden login for the Gitlab registration (Tab TUD-Login)!


  • Working time for the final part is until 26.05.2023 (repository will be set to Readonly)
  • Appointments for final demonstration will start on 05.06.2023


  • Dates for (late) enrolling into this course for the current summer term are set and online.
    Please see organization for deadlines!
  • Enrolment starts on 01.05.2023!

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