Task & Specifications

Your task is to create and program a robot which is capable of reading bar code cards and executing the code that was encoded in those bars.

Therefore, you have to solve some sub-tasks:

  • Solve some mandatory assignments creating the first parts of the final program
  • Find a suitable construction for your robot
  • Work out the mechanics
  • Perform signal analysis on the read intensities and
    • Extract the binary sequence read by the sensor
  • Perform error checking
  • Implement functions to perform the specified and necessary operations

The assignments you have to solve during the semester will help you to get to the final solution.

It may happen that error correction has to be performed and fails. Then further steps like repetition of the transmission are necessary. However, after the transmitted channel alphabet word has been obtained and decoded we are left with the original source word. These bit sequences with length 6 represent either operands, an instructions or a characters for a stack machine which you will have to implement. The stack machine has to be capable of performing basic arithmetic and character processing.


The picture above is an example of how your robot can look like. You are free to design the robot without any limit to your ideas as long as you use only the standard LEGO sets you received at the beginning of the course.


Do not use screws or other construction tools for building your robot. Also, do not use glue, resin or other things to “fix” LEGO parts onto your robot. As stated above you are only allowed to use the LEGO parts from the set we handed to you!

All computation shall be performed on the “brick” device you received with the LEGO set. Remote calculation or outsourcing it to external hardware, e.g. your personal computer, is not allowed.