v3.24-2022 (20220403)

  • Spring → Communication: Removed old testplanet message type in favor of camelCase version

  • Autumn → Added schedule for summer term 2022

v3.23-2022 (20220330)

  • Spring → Updated schedule for SS22

v3.22-2022 (20220325)

  • Spring → Communication: Updated JSON schema with links to full explanation of messages

  • Spring → Communication: Updated pages of messages (can now be copied by single click)

v3.21-2022 (20220323)

  • Replaced MQTTfx with newer MQTT-Explorer

  • Updated IDE recommendation and dropped "explicit" support for VSCode (do not use)

v3.20-2022 (20220320)

  • Spring → Communication: Added testPlanet (in camelCase), old testplanet still works (but will be removed in the future)

  • Spring → Communication: Updated Python example

  • Spring → Odometry: Updated SVG and formular

  • Renamed area "Equipment and Parts" to "Hardware"