Deploy Script


The latest version of our Deploy-Script is v2.1.0. It works fine with all OS images >= v2.1.0.

Features of v2.x (Stable):

Features of v1.x (Old, works only with OS images < v2.0):

  • Uses sshpass for communicating with the brick
  • Bundled with python scripts for backup and tmux session
  • Works with Linux, macOS, Windows (CMD, Git-Bash; PowerShell and Subsystem not tested)
  • Link:

Please be aware, that you should not program directly on the brick itself, for example via nano or vim, but use our transfer script or sshfs instead.

Updating and Usage

How to update inside a repository (e.g. robolab-deploy)

Hopefully updates are only necessary in order to get cool new features that have been added. Well, or in case any bug was found and had to be fixed, but that happens like, you know, never. Luckily this process is fairly simple, as you make a pull in the submodule from the master and add the updated directory to a commit in the template repository.

cd path/to/robolab-template/

# Update
git pull

# Push changes to git
cd ..
git add robolab-deploy
git commit -m "Updated submodule robolab-deploy"
git push


For additional information on usage, optional arguments and syntax simply call the stub with the -h flag.

./ -h
usage: [-h] [-c] [-e] [-b] [-s] [-g GET_FILE [GET_FILE ...]] [-r] [-E]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c, --configure       Create new or reset current configuration
  -e, --execute-only    Execute only without copying new files
  -b, --backup          Create a remote backup of your files on the brick
  -s, --sync-log        Synchronize log files from the brick
  -g GET_FILE [GET_FILE ...], --get-file GET_FILE [GET_FILE ...]
                        Fetch files from the brick
  -r, --reload          Only copy files / reload, but do not join tmux session
  -E, --exam            Run in exam mode (clean src before executing)