Template Installation (Spring)


These steps should be only performed by one member of your group.


This section requires that you have already set up your ssh public key.

1. Clone the repository to any local destination.

git clone --recursive git@se-gitlab.inf.tu-dresden.de:robolab/robolab-template.git robolab-group-<id>

The flag --recursive initializes the submodule robolab-deploy.

2. Change to the working directory.

cd ./robolab-group-<id>

3. Set the remote upstream to your group repository.

git remote set-url origin git@se-gitlab.inf.tu-dresden.de:robolab-spring/<term>/group-<id>.git

Explanation of placeholders:

  • <term> is the semester your course has started in the format wsyyyy / ssyyyy. For instance, if the introduction took place in the current winter semester (e.g. ws1920), <term> will be ws2019.
  • <id> has been assigned to you at the beginning of the course. Please make sure to include leading zeros and fill up the id to three digits, e.g. group 42 will enter 042.

4. Verify, that the new upstream has been set successfully.

git remote -v
origin	git@se-gitlab.inf.tu-dresden.de:robolab-spring/<term>/group-<id>.git (fetch)
origin	git@se-gitlab.inf.tu-dresden.de:robolab-spring/<term>/group-<id>.git (push)

5. Switch to the master branch.

git checkout master

6. Perform an initial push.

git push -u origin master

This step should be only performed by other members of your group.

Now the other members of your team are ready to clone your group repository. Make sure to enter the corresponding URL from step (3) and also use the --recursive flag.

git clone --recursive git@se-gitlab.inf.tu-dresden.de:robolab-spring/<term>/group-<id>.git robolab-group-<id>