• Q: I use WSL under Windows, but when running the deploy-script I still have to enter the password.
    • Solution: Install WSL 2.
      If you insist on using version 1 you have to activate extended WSL functionality in order to work with chmod/chown.
      Re-run the deploy-script with python3 deploy.py -c afterward.
# Inside WSL, execute this:
sudo vi /etc/wsl.conf
# Add the following lines to this file:
enabled = true
options = "metadata"
# Save and close the file with "ESC", then ":" "x" "ENTER"

# Restart WSL and delete the ".bin" directory in "robolab-deploy"
cd /mnt/<DRIVE>/path/to/robolab/
rm -Rf robolab-deploy/.bin
  • Q: I want to access my files in the WSL, but I can’t find them.

    • Solution: Type \\wsl$ in the Windows “Run” dialog or Windows Explorer address bar.
  • Q: PyCharm does not show my files from the WSL.

    • Solution: Update PyCharm. Older versions do not offer support for WSL.
  • Q: I use Windows and my Python version is too old (works not for WSL).

    • Solution: Install the latest Python 3.12 (64bit).
  • Q: Virtualization is not enabled for my system (check Task-Manager)

    • Solution: Following steps will enable Virtualization support:
      Hold [Shift] and click Neu starten, select Problembehandlung -> Erweiterte Optionen -> UEFI-Firmwareeinstellungen
      Now, select Intel Virtualization Technology / SVM Mode and activate it
  • Q: I receive Please enable the Virtual Machine Platform Windows feature and ensure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS

    • Solution: Go to Enable or Disable Windows-Features, activate VM-Platform
      Check Task-Manager if virtualization is now available (second tab, CPU, bottem-right)
  • Q: wsl --install produces Catastrophic failure

    • Solution: Try open Microsoft Store
  • Q: wsl --install produces errors, or message “Das Windows-Subsystem für Linux wurde nicht aktiviert” appears

    • Solution: From Microsoft Store, install Ubuntu
    • Solution: Go to Enable or Disable Windows-Features, activate Windows-Subsystem for Linux
      Run wsl --update afterward
  • Q: “WSL 2 erfordert ein Update der Kernelkomponente” or “WSL 2 requires an update to its kernel component”

    • Solution: Run wsl --update
  • Q: WSL has no internet connection (ping fails)

    • Solution: Reboot your system
  • Q: WSL has internet connection, but DNS does not work (ping quad9.net fails)

    • Solution: Inside the WSL terminal, follow these steps:
sudo nano /etc/wsl.conf
# Enter following lines
generateResolvConf = false

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf
# Enter following lines
  • Q: Running apt-get install throws errors
    • Solution: Run apt-get update beforehand