Throughout the course you are required to work out several assignments. In order to start, you have to set up your development environment. It is highly recommended to finish it during the first week of the course.

Assignments 1-4 are individual assignments and each student is required to work individually and upload the solution into their own Gitlab repository on time.
Assignment 5 is a group assignment and each group is required to commit their solution into their group repository on time.

Please make sure that you attend consultations if you have any question.

Assignments 1-4 are mandatory. If you don’t pass all of them, you will not be approved for the final exam.

Assignment descriptions will be added on time.

  • Assignment 1 - Hamming Codes (Theory)

  • Assignment 2 - Hamming Codes (Implementation)

  • Assignment 3 - Stack Machines (Theory)

  • Assignment 4 - Stack Machines (Implementation)

  • Assignment 5 - A/D and Mechanics (Implementation) (not mandatory for module 140701)

Do not exchange text or source code! Keep it private!
We encourage you to exchange ideas, but we do not tolerate plagiarism.
Plagiarism of any form will get you disqualified from the lab.