The dates for the winter semester 2019/2020 are as follows:

Winter term 2019


Friday, October 18th 2019 until Friday, January 17th 2020


October 18th 2019, 13:00 // 1:00pm room APB/E046


every Friday, 13:00 // 1:00pm room APB/E046 (and E044 if needed)


January 17th 2020 (more information)


In HISQIS, there are two modules/courses you have to enroll into at a specific time:

  • Module "140701 - Set of exercises Lab Sessions Nanoelectronic Systems"

    • Mandatory module for the assignments, enroll until November

  • Module "140710 - Protocol 1 Lab Sessions Nanoelectronic Systems"

    • You’ll get access to this module after you passed all assignments, enroll until January

For each module, you can withdraw until three working days (incl. Saturday) before the final exam is done.
Please see your examination regulations for this.

We offer weekly consultations for your questions about the assignments and construction of the robot.
For the exact date please see the semester schedule for the current term.

Brief overview

  • For the robot, you work in groups of 2 (or 3 if necessary) students

  • What is mandatory?

    • Assignments which have to be handed in on time

    • Usage of Git as version control system

    • Usage of Python as programming language

    • Implementation of programming templates we provide to have your code structured

    • Having a fully functional Lego robot for the final exam

  • What is highly recommended?

    • Check the announcements regularly

    • Visit our topic introductions