Operating System

We built a customized and optimized version of the Debian-based ev3dev distribution called ev3dev-robolab.

This section will guide you through the setup of our OS. It will explain how to get it up and running on your robot.
There are also some more in-depth explanations for advanced users or special use cases.



The latest release we offer for the RoboLab courses is v2.5.3 .
This image is based on _Debian Stretch
(still) and will be updated from time to time.
Debian Buster is skipped for now due to an error executing beep as user.
Please make sure to always download the latest version of our image!

For validating the images see our Checksums file.

Older and Deprecated Versions

For the RoboLab courses of 2018 and earlier we offered release v1.3.
This image was based on Debian Jessie and uses an older python version.

Releases v1.3 and older v2.x are no longer available for download!
If you still need it email us, please.

Development History

This section gives you some insight of which features we added to our image compared to the original one.
If you just want to use our OS without any further reading, you can safely skip it.

Release v2.5.x
Release v2.4.x
Release v2.3.x
Release v1.x