Network Connection

In order to execute code on the EV3, a connection between your computer and the brick has to be set up.
This can be done either via USB or Wi-Fi. Depending on your operating system, one of the methods described below may work better or worse than others. To establish and configure any connection, head over to the "Wireless and Networks" sub menu in Brickman.

Please follow the official ev3dev documentation (linked below) carefully in order to get your connection working.

main menu networks
  • We recommend using a connection via Wi-Fi whenever possible:

    • Enter Wireless and Networks and execute Start Scan

    • Select RoboLab Playground (or the one you want to use) after the scan has finished

    • Enter the password using the on-screen keyboard

    • Hit Accept and wait until the connection is established

  • If you want to avoid using the on-screen keyboard please see the linked tutorial Wi-Fi on the Brick via SSH below.

It is advisable to read the EV3DEV docs first before setting up a connection.

  • If you prefer the wired solution, go through the USB configuration setup:

    • Read the EV3DEV docs in order to set up a shared connection on YOUR system!

    • Enter All Network Connections and select Wired

    • Load the connection defaults for your OS with IPv4 > Change > Load <System> defaults

    • Check Connect automatically

    • Execute Connect and wait until the connection is established